Translation Services is a leading provider of translation services in the UK and we pride ourselves in providing you only the very best Translator. With the increasing diversity of cultures in the UK, and indeed in most of the major cities in the world, our world-class translation services are more pertinent to businesses than ever before. Not only do our services extend across virtually every language spoken in the world. Our objective is to provide a one-stop solution to all your multilingual requirements. Regardless of language and jargon complexity, we will be able to meet both your personal and corporate language needs. We take great pride in offering services and solutions in a range of international languages.

At our sole aim is to provide our customers with first-class translations.

Early on in our inception we took the decision to shy away from any use of translation software.

With years of experience, we have the ability to offer our clients a wide range of language translation services

We work in ALL major languages and dialects including:

Experts in foreign language translators

As a UK company the majority of our translation work is from foreign languages. For more information on the language you require a translation in, please choose from the list below.

Afrikaans Translator / Albanian Translator / Amharic Translator / Arabic Translation / Armenian Translator / Azeri Translator / Baluchi Translator / Bengali Translator / Bulgarian Translation / Chinese Translator / Czech Translator / Danish Translator / Dari Translator / Dutch Translator / Estonian Translation / Farsi Translator / Finnish Translator / French Translator / Georgian Translator / German Translator / Greek Translator / Gujarati Translation / Hebrew TranslatorHindi Translator / Hungarian Translator / Indonesian Translator / Italian Translator / Japanese Translator / Khmer Translator / Korean Translator / Kurdish Translator / Latvian Translation / Nepali Translator / Norwegian Translator / Pashtu Translator / Polish Translator / Portuguese Translator / Punjabi Translation / Romanian Translator / Russian Translation / Sinhala Translator / Slovak Translator / Slovenian Translator / Somali Translator / Sotho Translator / Spanish Translator / Swazi Translator / Swedish Translation / Tamil Translator / Thai Translator / Tsonga Translator / Tswana Translator / Turkish Translator / Ukrainian Translator / Urdu Translation / Venda Translator / Vietnamese Translation / Xhosa Translator / Zulu Translation

The Top-Notch Language Translation Service

Our A- Z translation service means we can deal with translation projects in all languages and all formats across media including:

General documents - translations of letters, brochures, handbooks, invitations, newsletters, articles, e-mails, faxes and certified translations.

Technical - translation of official documents, manuals, guides, instructions, contracts, terms & conditions and corporate/charity laws.

Sector specific - translation of law, engineering, marketing, IT, mining, petroleum and academic literature.

Literature - translation of novels, books, articles and stories.

Translation software has without doubt revolutionised the process of language translation, however we believe not always for the better. Prices have indeed become more competitive and turn around times have been slashed. Yet translation software will never be able to provide quality, fluid and meaningful translations simply because of the lack of human involvement.

As a simple way of highlighting the differences between the translations of humans and software, we ran the following experiment. We took the following piece of German text that needed to be translated into English:

Wir hoffen sehr, dass Ihnen unsere Website gefällt. Bitte lassen Sie es uns wissen, falls wir hässliche Übersetzungsfehler gemacht haben.

After running it through a piece of translation software the resulting translation was:

We hope very that you our websites felled. Please you let know us it if we made ugly translation mistakes.

Where as a human translated it as:

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our site and please let us know if we have made any ghastly errors in translation.

Now the translation software's results are comprehensible, yet would you be satisfied with that?

We only work with qualified, experienced and professional human translators. Although our prices may be higher and our turn around times longer, our human translators guarantee quality work.

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Guaranteed First-Class Translations

We have high standards for our translation service. As accredited members of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) we demand that all our translators provide unbeatable service in terms of their professionalism, expertise, experience and confidentiality.

All our translators are qualified pros and their work is regularly monitored by an independent body to ensure our standards are being met.

To provide our clients with the best translation service around we follow a simple rule that our translators only translate into their mother tongue. Therefore only a German will translate from English to German and only a native English speaker will translate from German to English. This ensures style, vocabulary, phrases, presentation and cultural nuances are all captured during the translation process.

Question: Do we use translation software? Absolutely not! We do not use any translation software in any shape or form - all of our translation work is completed by qualified human translators. If you are being offered an incredibly cheap quote for a translation make sure you ask this question!

Our Competitive Translation Costs

Our unique structure and vast network of translators allows our translation service to be one of the most competitive on the market.

Due to the number of variables affecting any translation it is difficult to confirm concrete costs without understanding the complexity of a project. We can only confirm costs once we have seen a document.

Our Translation Service

We offer a complete range of translation services including document translation service, certfied tranlslation service for legal documents, multilingual publishing (DTP) in any format such as Quark, InDesign and Powerpoint, DVD subtitles and production, multilingual copywriting, conference interpreting, simultaneous translation, website design and translation & localisation. Other popular services include interpreting services such as face-to-face interpreting, telephone interpreting,voice recording, language consultancy.'s Translation Service is unique in that we not only translate between English and over 200 other languages, but we also have the facility to provide the translation in electronic, printed, voice recorded or published format. Our desktop publishing team can take an assignment from electronic or paper copy, translate the document, format it and publish any volume of printed material ready for distribution.

By using's translation service you ensure you will receive the best quality, perfectly formatted translation. We employ professional translators who understand the nature of communities, work of the government, local authorities, health sector, charities, police, etc. They are the best linguists with an expert grasp of the languages they translate to and from and are always able to convey accurately the meaning of the text they are translating.

Our translation services are used for business and legal documents, correspondence, leaflets, company brochures, reports and so much more! We are aware that different sectors need different aptitude and skills while translating from one language to another. That's why we use translators with specific background that relate to the sector.

For example, Pharmaceutical and Medical translation requires complete attention to detail, industry and subject matter expertise, as well as compliance with privacy laws and regulatory guidelines. Therefore, for this type of translation uses only professional translators with a medical background and native fluency in the target language. We also have translators with specialised skills for financial, marketing, legal, technical and educational translation.

We take care that every translation carried out takes into account the cultural aspect of language and that the translated document conveys the message in the complete context. That is why we think that our translation services are the best available!

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