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The Cantonese Translation Service of Translating-Interpreting.co.uk is unrivalled in that we translate between Cantonese and over 175 other languages, but we also have the facility to provide the translation in any format you require such as: printed, voice recorded or published (Quark, Powerpoint, PDF, HTML, Word…). Translating-Interpreting.co.uk employs well qualified and experienced translators who understand the needs of the organisations such as Health Authorities, Charities, Councils, Law Courts, Government Departments, Legal Organisations and various Police Forces around the UK.

99% of our customers are extremely happy with the quality of our services and completed projects. Particular reference is often made to our fast completion time, competitive pricing and high quality of our translations. So for all of your language needs come to Translating-Interpreting.co.uk for everything from Cantonese translation to audio recordings and DVD productions.

All Cantonese translation projects are handled by very experienced translators and all project translations are carefully checked by a qualified translator and then checked again by an experienced in-house Translation Project Manager to ensure the highest of quality – time after time!

Come to Translating-Interpreting.co.uk to receive the best quality, professionally lay out and formatted translations plus a friendly and excellent service! Our Cantonese translators are the most professional linguists and have in-depth knowledge of the languages they translate from and to which provide them with the skills and knowledge to convey accurately the meaning of all translations including letters, official documents, leaflets, reports, certificates and much much more.

Realising the cultural differences and language barriers, translation need always be adapted for the target language of particular countries or ethnic groups. Translating-Interpreting.co.uk prides itself in providing the very best quality translations with a record of almost one hundred percent total customer satisfaction – just ask our clients!

Translating-Interpreting.co.uk has a wide-ranging and varied database of around 4,000 language experts including specialist Cantonese Translators and experienced Cantonese Interpreters. Translating-Interpreting.co.uk will always find the best match of linguistic skills to meet YOUR specific needs and requirements.

Translating-Interpreting.co.uk‘s reputation for quality language services provision in over 15 years of business continues to grow apace in the Public Sector through the award of several important new contracts. It is generally acknowledged that Translating-Interpreting.co.uk brings more to the client – user relationship than any other UK based language provider.

Our Cantonese Interpreting Service is also excellent. Translating-Interpreting.co.uk provides face-to-face interpreters overseas and all around the UK, and often with less than 24 notice. We also provide an efficientg and friendly Telephone Interpreting Service 24/7 and for peace of mind and your security, most of our interpreters are CRB checked and have been issued to ID Cards.

The range of services in our Translation Department is continuously expanding and now includes the design & development, the layout, and the translation of websites. Your Cantonese website is easily translated to over a hundred and seventy languages, and therefore would greatly improve your accessibility to non-Cantonese speakers.

A selection of other available South East Asian languages include: Fuianese, Malaysian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Teochew, Thai, Bahasa, Korean and many other languages.