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Do you need an outstanding, intelligently priced Swedish to English or English to Swedish translation? Look no further - we are the Swedish translation experts.

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The English to Swedish translation team

Our top division team of Swedish translators are dedicated translation pros. Each bring with them years of experience and know-how as well as specialisations in a number of translation techniques and subject matters. As a result we are able to deal with anything from business contracts to environmental reports to marketing presentations to websites.

All our translations are carried out exclusively by native speakers. For an English to Swedish translation we would only ever use a native Swede. This ensures we give our clients accurate, reliable and culturally attuned translations.

In addition to English to Swedish translation we also provide a number of key services for companies needing e-support when deaing with Sweden. These services include Website Translation, Newsletter Translation and Email Translation services.

We are the company to turn to for all your English to Swedish translation needs.

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About Swedish

Swedish is mainly spoken in Sweden and has few forms.

The Göta dialect group is southern, including parts of Småland, south Swedish provinces, Värmland, Västergvtland.

The Svea dialect group is northern, including Hälsingland, parts of Östergötland and Uppland and the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland.

Southern Swedish is in Skåne, Blekinge, southern Småland and southern Halland.

Northern Swedish is from northern Hälsingland and Jämtland and northwards.

Eastern Swedish is in Finland, Estonia, and Gammalsvenskby (Ukraine).

Gutnic is in southeastern Isle of Gotland and Fårö.