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About Kurdish

Kurdish is a very rich language with millions of speakers across three main countries - Turkey.

There are three strands of Kurdish that have evolved from their different geographical locations:

Central Kurdish:

Spoken mainly in Iraq, South of the Great Zab River, in Suleimaniye, Arbil, Kirkuk, and Khanaqin and Mandali provinces. There are also speakers in Iran.

It is sometjmes known as Kurdi or Sorani.
Dialects include Hewleri (Arbili), Xoshnaw, Pizhdar, Suleimani (Silemani), Warmawa, Rewandiz, Bingird, Mukri, Kerkuki and Garmiyani.

Northern Kurdish:

Northern Kurdish is mainly spoken in the Kurdish regions of Eastern Turkey. The majority of speakers are in the provinces of Hakkari, Siirt, Mardin, Agri, Diyarbakir, Bitlis, Bingol, Van, Adiyaman, and Mus. There are of course speakers all over Turkey now.

It is also know as Kurmanji, KurmancÓ, KirmancÓ, KermancÓ, Kurdi or KurdÓ.

Dialects include Boti (Botani), Marashi, Ashiti, Bayezidi, Hekari and Shemdinani.

Southern Kurdish:

Southern Kurdish in mainly used in Western Iran. Speakers can be found in the Kermanshah and Ilam provinces. It is also spoken in Eastern Iraq in areas bordering these provinces such Xanaqin.

Dialects include Kolyai, Kermanshahi (Kermanshani), Kalhori, Garrusi (Bijari) Sanjabi, Malekshahi (Maleksh ay), Bayray, Kordali, Feyli and Luri.