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About Pashtu

Pashtu is sometimes written as Pashto.

There are three varieties of Pashtu:

Central Pashtu is mainly spoken in Wazirstan, Bannu, Karak and southern ethnic group territories and adjacent areas. It is also know as Mahsudi.

Dialects include Waciri (Waziri) and Bannuchi (Bannochi, Bannu).

Northern Pashtu is spoken by about 9,500,000 in Pakistan. It is most commonly found in the region along the Afghanistan border and Peshawar. It is known as Pakhto, Pashtu, Pushto or Yusufzai Pashto. Dialects include Ningraharian Pashto and North-eastern Pashto.

Southern Pashtu is found in Balochistan and the Quetta area. It is also spoken in Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan. Other names include Pashtu, Pushto, Pushtu and Quetta-Kandahar Pashto