E-mail Translation Service

Having a multilingual website ultimately means you will start receiving e-mails in foreign languages. Being able to understand and respond to these e-mails is critical. Unless you have multilingual staff then understanding, responding and capitalizing on such e-mails will be a difficult procedure.

Our fast, efficient and effective e-mail translation service is aimed at companies who wish to embrace their new customers and clients from abroad by helping them overcome the language barrier. E-mail translation provides many clear advantages to businesses:

Foreign clients are more likely to do business with you if you can communicate in their language.
.You gain a competitive edge over your rivals in the market.
.You open doors to new opportunities of revenue.
.Your business offerings will not be misunderstood.

The e-mail translation service provides two way assistance, involving translation of incoming e-mails and also replies in the necessary language. Our translators provide accurate translations combined with a quick turnaround.

The majority of our e-mail translation work is carried out on an ad hoc basis. Once an e-mail is received it is passed to Translating-Interpreting.co.uk translation staff who promptly deal with your request in an agreed period of time. If clients receive large amounts of e-mails in foreign languages per week we can arrange for an alternative service that best suits their needs.

Charges vary according to the language - i.e. prominent European languages such as French and German cost less than Kurdish or Vietnamese.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in terms of e-mail translation then please contact us.