Legal Translation is the leading provider of language services, with translation services in more than 300 languages including Legal Translation, technical translation and business translation. In fact, we specialise in translation services in many different sectors, with Legal Translation services for the legal sector being one of the most popular ones. We work with Police, solicitors, courts, general disputes, fraud investigation, insurance companies and all other parts of the legal sector to provide high quality Legal Translation services.

We have additional expertise in order to understand the requirements, terminology and regulations of the legal system and procedures involved in court rooms and governmental institutions that help us in excelling in our Legal Translation services. We also offer Legal Translation for websites as well as interpreting from any language to another, for the legal sector.

What is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is any translation that is related to the legal sector. Legal translation is the translation of any documents of a legal nature and may include (but are not limited to) contracts, solicitors' documents and court transcripts.

We appreciate that law is demanding and riddled with terms and nuances that would be difficult to pick up and understand without years in a translator's native legal profession. uses only those translators for Legal Translation that already translate for the law and government and understand the importance of what you do and their role in the situation. Legal translation is fast becoming one of our most popular services. We offer a wide range of Legal Translation services including document translation and professional and qualified interpreters for trials, questioning and depositions. We are able to translate to and from any language and also offer multilingual web sites.

Why use for Legal Translation? ensures the most accurate and precise Legal Translation work. We assess and scrutinise our Legal Translation work continuously throughout the translation process, checking and rechecking the final product before delivery.

We have in-house editors and proofreaders to ensure that you are satisfied with the final outcome of your Legal Translation assignment. We use certified court-approved translators from a variety of legal fields for Legal Translation, all of which are qualified to provide you and your clients with the competitive edge you need for the legal industry. will always confirm the context of your Legal Translation and how it will be used. This avoids future confusion and unwanted additional cost and assists us in matching our translators to your Legal Translation needs.

All documents we work with for Legal Translation are handled with care and the strictest confidentiality so you know that you can trust us, every time. Our reputation for excellence in service and high quality, accurate translations including Legal Translation sets us apart from the crowd.'s Legal Translation team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer a nation wide service, allowing us to provide Legal Translation services or an interpreter any time and at any location throughout the UK.

Legal Translation services

Our full range of services including Legal Translation services are available to many types of legal professionals including (but not limited to) litigation attorneys, patent attorneys, immigration attorneys, practitioners, paralegals and M & A specialists. We have high standards of service and strive to provide only the best when it comes to: Legal Translation, face-to-face interpreting, telephone interpreting, multilingual publishing, legal website interpreting, translation, medical translation, printing, voice recording, interpreting, language and cultural consultancy, language training and teaching, localisation, simultaneous interpreting (also referred to as 'simultaneous translation'), multilingual copywriting, and much more.


Established in 1991, is the UK's leading language communications specialist. With access to a database of more than 4000 interpreters, offers a true national service, anywhere, any time.

We cater to all translation (apart from Legal Translation) and interpreting needs in the Public, commercial and private sectors, offering a vast range of services in more than 200 languages including Polish, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Japanese. We provide our clients with endless opportunities to facilitate better communication through our wide range of language services and deliver a service that reflects the diversity of our increasingly multicultural society.

Here is a comprehensive list of towns and cities where provides Legal Translation and other Legal Language Services in the UK:

Legal Translation

If you require international and uk legal translation services, has the expertise and know-how to translate legal documents accurately into all languages.

Accuracy is an extremely important factor when it comes to legal document translation. Just think of a business contract. Even the smallest nuance can make an enormous difference in the interpretation of a clause and affect the progress of negotiations between the two parties. Even more so if you think that legal systems can vary greatly according to the country in which these documents are written.

Whether it being a will, a contract, a pleading or a court judgment, it is vital that the translated version is a perfect rendition of the original text.

All legal translators at are qualified linguists with significant experience in legal matters. We believe that only such experts can produce a quality legal translation and that’s why our translators are all suitably qualified.

Here are some of the legal documents that we translate:

Court Interpreters also provides Court Interpreters and other interpreting services for various legal requirements.