Translators & Interpreters in Belgrade

» Professional interpreters in Belgrade you can trust?

Our international reach means our clients can rest assured that if they need a professional interpreter in Amsterdam, Athens or Belgrade we have the people on the ground to help.

Our team of qualified linguists are available for face-to-face interpreting services offering not only the highest standards in interpreting but also local know-how and expertise.

» What interpreting service do you need?

We provide two essential forms of face-to-face interpreting services in Belgrade ? ?Consecutive? interpreting and ?Simultaneous? interpreting. What is the difference?

During consecutive interpreting, the interpreter will summarise what the speaker has said at agreed intervals. For example, the speaker may stop after every sentence or paragraph to allow the interpreter to feedback what has been said ? or it could be at 1/2/3/4/5 minute intervals. The consecutive interpreter will take notes as the speaker is talking to assist them when feeding back the speech content. This type of interpreting is used mainly for meetings, negotiations, speeches and the like.

Simultaneous interpreting is the most complex form of interpreting and the interpreter must complete a series of specialist examinations prior to formal qualification. The interpreter will generally be placed in a booth and use a pair of headphones and microphone to interpret what the speaker is saying. The reason why this form of interpreting is more complex than consecutive interpreting is that the interpreter is not able to delay or pause to think of the most appropriate words whilst the speaker is speaking. They must also be listening and speaking at the same time to ensure that all the relevant information is accurately passed to the individual being interpreted for.

» Telephone Interpreting

If it is not vitally important that your interpreter is present in Belgrade, we offer a convenient, cost effective >> telephone interpreting service.

» There?s no substitute for experience

We specialise in providing professional interpreters when and where you need them. Just give us a call or use any other Contact method and we?ll be more than glad to help you.

» European Coverage for Interpreters

We have interpreters available on mainland Europe in the following locations:

Amsterdam Ankara Athens Barcelona Belgrade Berlin Bratislava Brussels Bucharest Copenhagen Dublin Helsinki Istanbul Kiev Lisbon Lujblijana Luxembourg Madrid Minsk Monaco Moscow Munich Oslo Paris Prague Riga Rome Sofia Stockholm Tallin Vienna Warsaw Zagreb Zurich