Swedish Conference Interpreter

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We service conferences, seminars, meetings and conventions with conference interpreting equipment and conference interpreters in all major world languages.

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Our first-class Swedish conference interpreters bring with them years of experience and know-how that will ensure your conference or meeting is a success. Each is qualified and has spent many years working at the highest levels of their profession.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Swedish used?

Swedish is the national language of Sweden and the first language for the overwhelming majority of roughly eight million Sweden-born inhabitants and acquired by one million immigrants.

Are all your Swedish conference interpreters from Sweden?

Not always. If an interpreter is required solely to translate into Swedish then we would only have a Swede do so. However, if it was from Swedish into English (or any other language) then we would have a native English speaker.

Do you only have interpreters in Sweden?

We are a UK based company so the majority of our work is in London and the UK. Our conference interpreters are therefore all residents of the UK. We do occassionally send people to the rest of Europe.

How much does it cost to book a Swedish interpreter for a day?

Our daily rate is flexible and is worked out depending on the location of the conference, the subject matter, the length and the languages involved. To get a quote please contact one of our staff who can best advise you.

Do you also provide equipment?

Yes - we can also provide a range of interpreting equipment such as booths, headphones, microphones and PA systems. We can also record proceedings if need be.

What language combinations can you offer?

Apart from English >< Swedish we can provide the following combinations:

Swedish >< French
Swedish >< Danish
Swedish >< Norwegian
Swedish >< German