Polish Conference Interpreter

Czesc! Welcome to Translating-Interpreting.co.uk - the language communication consultancy.

Are you in need of a simultaneous Polish interpreter for a conference or meeting? If so then we are the people to speak to. We have a team of fantastic Polish interpreters that can ensure your conference is a success.

We work with conference organisers to fully manage the language element of international and multilingual conferences. We provide both simultaneous interpreting equipment as well as interpreters. In addition to Polish we also provide interpreters in a number of European and world languages.

Our team of Polish conference interpreters are all vastly experienced professionals. Each brings with them academic qualifications, a decent CV in terms of experience and bags of ability. We hand pick our interpreters and can guarantee satisfaction with their abilities.

We offer conference interpreters with the following language groupings:

Polish >< English
Polish >< French
Polish >< German
Polish >< Czech
Polish >< Spanish

If you are interested in booking a Polish conference interpreter please visit our Conference Interpreters page for more information.

If you are in need of equipment such as booths and headphone please visit our Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment page.

Conference Interpreting FAQs

* Is Polish Interpreting in demand?

Since Poland joined the European Union the demand for interpreters at conferences and meetings has rocketed. Having foreseen this Translating-Interpreting.co.uk was proactive in recruiting experienced conference interpreters and now boasts one of the best teams in Europe.

* Is a Conference Interpreter the same as a Simultaneous interpreter?

In short, yes. Conference interpreters work in real time or "simultaneously". This is done by receiving English/Polish speech through headphones and instantly translating it into Polish/English to a waiting audience through a microphone.

* Why do I have to book two interpreters?

Conference interpreting is difficult and exhausting work. This means interpreters work in pairs taking twenty minute turns in the interpreting booth. This ensures conference interpreters stay alert and capable of delivering high quality work.

* Where are The Translating-Interpreting.co.uk team Polish Conference Interpreters based?

Our Polish conference interpreters are available for work throughout the UK and Europe.

* How much do you charge for a Polish Conference Interpreter?

Our costs are based on the following:

o Nature of conference
o Location
o Subject matter
o Number of hours required
o Language combination

We can give you a better idea of costs once we have all the above information.

How do I book a Polish Conference Interpreter?

To book interpreters please contact us.